Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What I’m Watching: Goliath

Goliath: Season 1, Episode 4 “It’s Donald” (B+)

This case is getting even more interesting, though a lot more of the intrigue is coming from those on both sides of the legal team. Lucy spoke up in court in a way that seemed rather unprofessional and managed to irk Callie in a big way, but she seems to have earned an official endorsement from Donald. That has put her on a major power trip, intimidating her colleagues who used to be on her same level into helping her and not caring about who she steps on while she’s on her way to the top. That final scene with her being summoned down the elevator to Donald’s backroom where she found him entirely naked and ready to get intimate with her was weird to say the least, and it seems that he’s set his sights on her as his new favorite. When Callie turned him down, she went a different route and slept with Michelle, an event that probably shouldn’t be too surprising on this sex-filled show and which was, unfortunately for both of them, seen by Billy when he showed up reading to beat up the guy who was having sex with his daughter. Kevin Weisman’s Ned is proving to be a difficult witness, and quite a frustrating one too, calling Patty names and getting her to storm out of the room after Billy calmly threatened to beat him to a pulp. Brittany’s story is pretty compelling, as personal troubles are intermingled with professional responsibilities, and the one thing that’s clear is she doesn’t feel like explaining it all to Patty.

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