Sunday, November 6, 2016

What I’m Watching: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 2, Episode 2 “When Will Josh See How Cool I Am?” (B)

So much of this show takes place in a fantasy world, not just the songs that we see extravagantly acted out but also in Rebecca’s head where she thinks that she and Josh are going to end up together. That’s what makes the rare moments that represent reality checks all the more poignant. Rebecca is diving headfirst into her newfound relationship with Josh, and partially because of Greg and partially because of his own interests, Josh isn’t investing himself in the same way. Rebecca pretending to be a ping pong champion to impress him was a move that, surprisingly, he saw right through it, even if he couldn’t figure out why. The best part of that, aside from the casting of Albert Tsai as the young guru who trained her to be a sexy ping pong player, was that Rebecca called Josh out on not treating her well, something she deserves even if she’s more than a little bit crazy. I enjoyed Josh’s miserable attempt to confront Greg following Father Brah’s advice, and we saw a whole lot more of Josh’s crew than usual in this episode. Greg telling them he was an alcoholic created more confusion than anything else, particularly for the inept Hector, who kept suggesting booze for Greg without realizing his stupidity. Heather was blunt and honest with Greg in a refreshing way, and the ending shot of Rebecca hugging Greg’s sweatshirt when she was mad at Josh threatens to change everything. Paula’s law school career is a decent plotline, though I do wish that Darryl was a bit more self-aware sometimes. Also, the songs in this hour didn’t do all that much for me, and I look forward to a return to Rebecca-centric numbers next week.

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