Friday, November 18, 2016

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2, Episode 5 “Compromised” (B+)

I enjoyed season one of this show, and I think that it’s really growing into itself in this second season. Free of the Time Masters, and Rip as a guide, our legends now have to decide for themselves what’s important and what’s worth fixing and saving in the timeline. Visiting 1987 was fun because it’s close enough to the present day that no one had to try too hard to fit in, and Darhk occupied a very public political place that managed to catch the attention of one eager Marty Stein. I didn’t see Darhk stabbing him coming, but fortunately Gideon was able to heal him with no problem, enabling the older Martin to be refreshed right away and enjoying a lovely night with his future wife. Grounding Darhk as this eternal villain is interesting, and it looks like he’s headed to the future now thanks to the speed prowess of his good friend the Reverse Flash, which should cause plenty of problems for our friends. Ray trying to turn into Captain Cold is a predictably rocky process, and it’s at least good to see him and Mick working together productively for the most part. The casting of Lance Henricksen as the older Todd was cool, and it certainly seems like Amaya is a regular part of the team now. Nate has mastered his steel transition at this point, and he’s definitely having a blast watching the poor saps who fight him try to hit him only to discover that they’re in for a very painful experience.

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