Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 7, Episode 5 “Own Your Shit” (B+)

Money really does change things, and that’s the guiding principle right now for most of our characters. A billionaire philanthropist buying the house Frank was using as a shelter is a huge boon to the most deplorable person on this show, though you can’t say that Frank isn’t making an effort to make ends meet, however depraved and dishonest his methods may be. Both Fiona and Lip are trying hard to jump ahead in their careers through hard work and negotiating, and neither of them are getting exactly what they want. Lip’s subversive attempt is worrisome because it means he could be headed to a serious fate that somehow only Carl has managed to suffer on behalf of the family. Debs seems like she might be headed there soon, however, after her taking to the streets led to a videotape which caught the attention of Child Protective Services, and now she’s at risk of having the newly-renamed Franny taken away from her. I like that Fiona is thinking about partnering with June Squibb’s laundromat owner, and I’m eager to see where that business goes. The threesome triple has their own plan to increase their wealth by adopting each other’s kids, and I’d say that Kev’s concerns about being outsourced from his kids’ lives are less important than the fact that he can’t remember which of his babies got which vaccines. Fiona and Veronica seem to be really done with each other, and I hope that some event soon will reunite them and cause them to become friends again. The best part of this episode, hands-down, was Carl getting rejected from military school because he didn’t meet affirmative action standards, resulting in him getting a DNA test and finding out that he is one third Native American, which means that Dom’s father’s people actually killed his ancestors. I love the relationship that the two of them have built.

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