Saturday, November 19, 2016

Take Three: Good Girls Revolt

Good Girls Revolt: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Futures” (B)

I don’t think that this show is ever going to be what it wants to be, which is a version of “Mad Men” set in a different industry, but it does tell an interesting story that I can only imagine is going to get more engaging as it progresses. This episode painted the problem in a different light when the very female owner of the magazine came to visit and, in her time there, helped to perpetuate and defend the sexist practices of the company. Honoring the poor woman who has been down in the pit for forty years and has always wanted a blue box gift wasn’t meant as an insult, though it does speak to the opportunities for growth that exist for a woman and the fact that nothing has changed in decades. Laughing off Patti’s request to attend the writers’ lunch as overly challenging since they’d have more fun gossiping was a particular slap in the face, and there’s a lot to overcome in the current culture. I think that Finn is actually the most open-minded, always seeking the newest trends in innovation to make the magazine fresh and successful and not blinking an eye when he found an employee’s daughter under her desk. Doug’s Black Panther interview went surprisingly well thanks to the subject’s insistence on being heard and Doug’s interest in listening, and he even earned a complimentary escort down 110th Street. Kudos to Cindy for writing an article, but it was sad to see her realize that she would never get the credit. Jane is practicing her own sort of feminism by advocating for herself in her relationship, and I wonder how long it will take until she joins the cause at work.

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