Sunday, November 13, 2016

What I’m Watching: Better Things

Better Things: Season 1, Episode 9 “Hair of the Dog” (B+)

I wasn’t as into this episode only because I’m not so fond of concerts and musicians and all that, but this was a perfectly solid example of Sam being Sam in a given situation. She was so excited to be able to show her daughter – and her friend – that she was a cool mom who was capable of being cool and getting them access to awesome things, and then she got stuck holding their coats while they effortlessly breezed past a bouncer who, even after recognizing and complimenting Sam for a past role, wouldn’t bend any rules to allow them entry. She also had no trouble recognizing exactly why she had embarrassed the girls so much, though naturally it was Max who was much more upset than the girl who had a previous interaction of sorts with the boy. Macy was also pretty casual about the fact that she and her daughter overlapped with their sexual encounters. I don’t think I commented before that Macy is played by Lucy Davis, best known for originating the role of Dawn on the British version of “The Office” before the character became Pam in the United States. Trying to offload a table that was in the way resulted in some accented Bulgarian innuendo and her nearly having to pay for its removal, and she was smart to pick up the nice guys in her car rather than having the creepy guy follow her back to her house. Having dinner outside on the table in its new place was a nice way to end the episode and close out that plotline.

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