Saturday, November 19, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 4 “Service” (B+)

This was inarguably a strong and magnetic episode – one that ran eighty-five minutes, for some reason – but I can’t help wondering what the upside of watching this show. It’s truly miserable and disturbing, and there’s pretty much no sign of hope except the eternal optimism expressed by Father Gabriel. From the moment that his shadow appeared with the bat in his hand knocking at the gate, Negan made very clear that he can do and take whatever he wants because he’ll eagerly kill someone just to make a point if his demands are not followed. He used much more vulgar language in his parting words to Rick than we tend to hear on this show, and he made the best point of this episode, which was that no one died, an incredible feat given his penchant for violence. But he did have all of his people take beds, guns, and medicine, leaving them with pretty much nothing but food. There’s clearly discord among the residents of Alexandria, and Rick’s acceptance of the situation and his admission that there is no way out is depressing to say the least. The one hope for resistance lies with Rosita, who kept a gun and had the smart idea to ask Eugene to make her bullets. I do hope that she propels the group to some sort of organized and efficient resistance soon, since it’s hard to keep watching this show with no glimmer of hope. When Rick has to reference Shane to demonstrate his nostalgia for better times, you know things are bad.

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