Monday, November 14, 2016

What I’m Watching: Crisis in Six Scenes (Series Finale)

Crisis in Six Scenes: Season 1, Episode 6 (B+)

This episode was undeniably silly, but as a conclusion to this particular show, it actually worked well and served as its best installment. The number of times the doorbell rang amounted to a comedic farce, with a new group of people showing up at Sidney and Kay’s door all one after another. Kay’s patients were piling up and started to argue with each other for the first place in line and the validity of their conditions, and the man paying his wife for sex actually seemed to be more offensive to many than the guerilla revolutionaries formerly known as the book club. Alan and Ellie’s parents meeting in this situation didn’t seem like a great idea, and I was pleased to see Boris McGiver from “House of Cards” in the role of Alan’s particularly opinionated father. The most surprising thing was that Ellie wasn’t at all mad at Alan for making a bomb and actually seemed quite willing to move with him to Cuba, even if her enthusiasm ended up making him realize that he wasn’t actually going to do that. Naturally, Sidney would want to be the one to drive Lennie to the air strip so that she would stop eating his food, but he only had to say it once, and he got to make her get in the trunk as one final act of revenge before doing away with her. The best part was that he got pulled over, identified himself by name as usual, and then managed to evade capture by being recognized by Michael Rapaport’s cop – as a different and far more well-known author. Who would have thought that he could resist his ego to enable Lennie to make her getaway and be out of his life forever? This episode made this show feel moderately worth it, but I think a relatively short movie is still the best format for Woody Allen’s material. And Miley Cyrus definitely should not be in the cast.

Season grade: B-
Season MVP: John Magaro as Alan

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