Sunday, November 6, 2016

What I’m Watching: Longmire

Longmire: Season 5, Episode 6 “Objection” (B+)

I’m very glad to see that Ferg wasn’t killed in what looked like a truly deadly shootout, but his state when he called Walt to tell him what had happened was still cause for concern. Walt telling him that he would understand if he had taken money to save his life didn’t help, and his girlfriend telling him that she was proud of him for surviving was somewhat more effective but still didn’t seem to reach him. Hopefully he’ll be fine, and helping Walt to get real evidence to give the FBI should set him back on track. Walt’s depositions did not go well, and ultimately deciding to settle so that it wouldn’t distract him from work isn’t going to mean much since Barlow’s attorney is interested in expressly embarrassing Walt and taking him down. Walt does do a spectacular job of making enemies, and the hatred that both Jacob Nighthorse and Walker Browing express for him shows that he’s really not trying to get along with anyone. Telling Henry in reference to Nighthorse that if you’re at the top, you’re held responsible signifies his deep sense of duty, which was taken to the extreme when he boarded a plane with a box full of fish to fly across the country and walk right up to the head of the Irish mob to tell him to stay out of his county. Everything is coming together, with Dylan Walsh’s Shane Muldoon revealed as the head of the mob, linking all plotlines and being so blunt as to ask Walt what made him think that he couldn’t kill him in the middle of the night. Walt’s response was pretty great. As Cady is doing real important work, it’s a shame that Walt doesn’t want to listen to her or consider that she might be doing something good while working for someone he so strongly believes is bad.

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