Sunday, November 6, 2016

What I’m Watching: Luke Cage

Luke Cage: Season 1, Episode 5 “Just to Get a Rep” (B)

I haven’t been sure up to this point in what direction this show was going to go and how it was going to be set up on an episodic basis. After Luke’s miracle survival, his heroism – along with his abilities – is no longer a secret. Cottonmouth sending his henchmen to lean on everyone in Harlem and tell them to blame Luke was a bold and effective move, but it seems like Luke was able to right all the wrongs, and he declared open war on Cottonmouth, and appears to have won, during Pop’s funeral with a rallying call. Misty made a good point that Harlem isn’t bulletproof, and even though Luke has no qualms about walking towards people firing a gun at him, there’s going to be a lot of collateral damage to those he’s trying to protect from Cottonmouth’s influence. Luke telling Cottonmouth that he’s taxing him for the next suit that gets damaged was a perfect response to Cottonmouth’s advice never to confuse the battle for the war. Shades doesn’t seem to be laughing, and Cottonmouth is more interested in maintaining his intimidation factor than listening to some of his more level-headed underlings. Luke has some great lines to say, like “I am the gun” and “It’s called deductive reasoning.” An exciting development in this hour was the arrival of Rosario Dawson’s Claire to Harlem, who was all smiles until a guy tried to steal her purse and she chased after him to take it back and beat him up. Her mom, played by Sonia Braga, who starred in “Aquarius,” isn’t into the idea, but the notion of her helping people with abilities sounds like an awesome idea. Scarfe being on Cottonmouth’s payroll doesn’t seem to be much of a secret, but there are multiple turncoat elements in the police department, which is immensely worrisome.

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