Monday, November 21, 2016

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 6, Episode 6 “Ready” (C+)

This show has been off the air for almost a month, and this installment didn’t make me too excited about its return. Jess’ single club has never been as entertaining as it’s meant to be, and this romance with Robby has taken a while to play itself out. Trying to pretend that their relationship is just platonic wasn’t leading anywhere good, and naturally it had to progress to Jess trying to kiss Robby while he was lifting weights, resulting in a whole lot of pain and recovery for a totally out-of-it Robby. That the kiss didn’t do anything for her only prolonged the situation, and I think Robby was much better when he was just another suitor for Cece. Speaking of the model turned bar manager, it’s good to see Cece spring into action and impress those around her with her business savvy and ability to negotiate whatever she wants. It’s not going to help Schmidt’s ego, but managing male models is a great career choice for her, and something that she can do well while she’s working at the bar. I don’t understand why all these women were attracted to Winston, and I’d like to request Aly’s immediate return since Winston is infinitely funnier and more likeable when she’s around. I actually think they’re the best couple on this show, neck-in-neck with Schmidt and Cece when they were first fooling around and Nick and Jess at the height of their “quick hardening caulk” stage. Jess accidentally cited Ferguson as Winston’s significant other, and I think that’s a misconception that needs to be rectified right away.

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