Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Round Two: Quiz (Penultimate Episode)

Quiz: Season 1, Episode 2 (B+)

I like the way that this story is being presented, and it’s a shame that the entire series runs just three episodes, concluding this coming Sunday. Things accelerated quickly after Charles came in last during the practice round and did terribly overall in rehearsal, but a little time with Adrian’s device at home helped him to get right in the hot seat. Chris wasn’t happy at all when Charles mentioned that his wife was Diana, and more and more of the show staff started to realize that there was something unusual going on as Charles continued to show just how clueless he was about each and every one of the answers. Using his lifelines right away was a sign of risky playing, but Tecwen being right behind him and Diana in the audience meant that he had all the support he needed to steer him away from the obviously wrong answer to all the correct ones so that he could win the million-pound jackpot. Kevin started to notice the coughing and David was panicking about how he could tell that he was going to win when he absolutely shouldn’t, and it only got more interesting and complicated when they had to bring in the lawyers to determine whether it actually is a crime to cheat on a gameshow. David revealing that they don’t search for phones in the audience was met with plenty of anger, though evidently by the end of the episode they figured out what their rights were. Diana calling Paul’s number back because she didn’t believe it was really him showed how clueless she and Charles were about their situation, and I’m curious to see how their lawyer argues that they’re not guilty. This all happening right before September 11th provided an unexpected context, though things did still move forward to get us to the trial that will be resolved in the final episode.

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