Monday, June 15, 2020

What I’m Watching: Dead to Me

Dead to Me: Season 2, Episode 6 “You Don’t Have To” (B+)

I didn’t know this show had any more fantastic twists to deliver, but this latest one managed to make everything infinitely more exciting and compelling. I was definitely under the impression that Judy was oblivious to Michelle’s romantic advances, and it was a great surprise to hear her confirm that she was indeed attracted to her and open to a relationship. Michelle’s confession that she still lived with her ex seemed like a throwaway note, one that paled in comparison to all the secrets Judy is keeping, especially considering their tremendously unpleasant run-in with a depressed and angry Nick. Bringing Michelle along to Henry’s performance was a big step, and she even went over big with Jen, who’s navigating her own ill-advised romance. Seeing them passionately hook-up was a red herring for the troubling revelation that came next, which was that the one person who hates Judy more than her two exes is Michelle’s relationship. I give this show tremendous credit for not providing any clues about that and subtly inserting Detective Perez into the episode earlier with the false report about finding Steve. That’s going to bring a world of trouble for her, and Jen is about to cross a line with Ben that she can’t uncross. He really is the opposite of Steve, so sincere and polite, and watching everyone at the arcade having a blast felt like a serene distraction from the very real problems they’re facing, particularly now that Steve’s car has been found and there are way too many loose ends who could link them to it.

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