Friday, June 12, 2020

What I’m Watching: Love Life

Love Life: Season 1, Episode 9 “Augie Again” (B+)

I don’t typically watch more than one episode of a show at a time, particularly for streaming series where all the installments are released at once, but I actually like the premiere pattern for this show, which was three episodes first, then three more, and now four to finish off. It would still be just as enticing with one episode per week, but we get to explore more of these characters and move on in surprising ways at a quick pace that feels fulfilling. Out of all of Darby’s relationships, Augie was probably the most stable, since they seemed to be on the same footing financially, which wasn’t the case with Bradley and definitely not with Magnus, and we didn’t get far enough into Danny Two Phones or Luke to know what might have happened with them. Comparing Augie to an old pair of jeans that were a little too snug was fitting, and I like that the cracks showed through in simple moments like Augie passionately criticizing the effect of the climate charge art and encouraging her to house a cat when she wasn’t allowed to have pets. Her relationship with her mother has evidently improved, even if she didn’t want to hear how her mother was interpreting what she was saying. Their breakup was actually quite smooth, though it’s hard to know how he’ll respond to the news of her pregnancy. With just one episode left before this story wraps up, that’s just one plotline to resolve, with Jim’s new girlfriend he’s not so sure is serious posing a big threat to his enduring happiness with Sara.

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