Tuesday, June 23, 2020

What I’m Watching: Search Party

Season three of “Search Party” premieres this Thursday on HBO Max. I’ve had the pleasure of watching all ten episodes in advance of their streaming debut – this review contains spoilers for the selected episode.

Search Party: Season 3, Episode 8 “A Dangerous Union” (B+)

That doll with the whole backstory was indeed creepy, and fortunately Dory didn’t ever really need a bodyguard since her number one fan, who’s now deceased, wasn’t ever intent on harming her but only those who he felt had hurt his beloved obsession. His presence and actions were a helpful way to reunite the foursome who are at the heart of this show, prompting some much-needed reconciliation between an icy Dory and Portia. Nearly being eaten by rats after being tied up and covered in honey was certainly a terrifying and violent way to do it, but that bond was instantly repaired when Dory raced it to rescue Portia, who conveniently still wearing her microphone so that everyone still at the wedding could hear her distinctive screams. And it did help provide a good distraction from the misery of Marc leaving Elliott at the altar, an event made worse by the fact that Elliott was contractually obligated to continue with the event and the acknowledgment of all sponsors through midnight. Chantal was expectedly out of touch with reality, seeing an open spot on the steps for the photos and just jumping into it, and her eager confirmation that she had filed fake forms now means that she’s going to be working with Wallace Shawn’s interested wedding guest, whose ulterior motives are unknown at this time. We have two episodes to get back to the trial, and though the friends are back together, June discovering April’s journal is not going to be good news for them.

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