Tuesday, June 16, 2020

What I’m Watching: Ramy

Ramy: Season 2, Episode 4 “Miakhalifa.mov” (B+)

A good amount of time passed between Ramy being given the dog and not seeing Malik, and I think that was helpful to get us to the next step, which was Ramy volunteering to drive with Zainab to Connecticut to offset some of the damage had done in trusting Dennis. His enthusiastic claims that he could speak Arabic fluently turned out not to be entirely accurate, as evident immediately by his inability to understand the security guards, allegedly because of a difference in dialect. Zainab wasn’t at all keen on his suggestion to “jam out” to his favorite Quran reciter on Soundcloud, but her impression of him definitely improved after he showed his competence with Bin Khaled. I thought that was Omar Metwally, recently seen on “The Affair,” as Khaled, who is absolutely the most eccentric personality we’ve seen so far on this show. I wasn’t familiar with Mia Khalifa, a well-known former porn star who appeared as herself, and it was interesting to see how Ramy interacted with her, especially after learning that Khaled brought her in to drink her breast milk to combat his complicated feelings of sexuality. Khaled wanting Ramy to live up to his namesake and shoot an arrow for the dog was a wild idea, and the fact that he didn’t count his practice shot that he nailed was unfortunate. Somehow, Ramy managed to convince him he should still donate, apparently because he thought it was $200 million rather than $2 million. Malik seemed surprisingly open to the idea of Ramy dating his daughter, though telling him to tell her about his “exploits” and warning him not to desecrate her should make him think carefully about whether he should proceed.

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