Tuesday, June 2, 2020

What I’m Watching: Ramy

Ramy: Season 2, Episode 2 “Can You Hear Me Now?” (B+)

I’m starting to wonder whether this show should be considered a comedy after more and more dramatic moments like the one that ended this episode. Ramy has really done an about-face recently after meeting Malik, interested in saying a prayer before meals, talking about gratitude, and asking his mother if the chicken she made was really halal enough. His friends immediately recognized a change in him now that he’s asking about them and taking the time to help others just because he feels a responsibility to do so. Malik really does seem like a thoughtful leader, wondering aloud if the marshmallows he’s putting in the hot chocolate for the Christians protesting the mosque ahead have gelatin in them before concluding that Allah knows his intentions. Ramy invested in Dennis, advocating for him and even arguing with Malik’s daughter Zainab, who I suspect will become a romantic interest for Ramy soon, to get him hired. His initial response to the call of prayer should have been a warning sign, and his eagerness to become a Muslim triggered him in a truly unfortunate way, resulting in him freaking out and running outside to beat one of the protesters in the name of Allah since Islam is peace. That’s going to have consequences, and though Ramy isn’t to blame since they all supported his hiring in the end, it’s going to eat at him that he caused this violence, however indirectly. This show does still find some room for comedy, like the phonetic explanation of how to pronounce the “s” in Muslim.

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