Monday, June 1, 2020

What I’m Watching: Dead to Me

Dead to Me: Season 2, Episode 4 “Between You and Me” (B+)

Watching these episodes back-to-back (once a night) is somewhat disorienting since there are still important moments, like Jen and Judy doing whatever it is that they did with Steve’s body, that are skipped over and the next episode just picks up after that happened. Getting pulled over on the drive was a worrisome development that makes it impossible to deny that they took this little trip, and though their offense wasn’t nearly as bad as they thought, the cop was pretty horrible about it in taunting Jen and then giving her a ticket anyway after laughing at her. Jen was perfectly happy to pay whatever high price she might have needed to in order to secure that presidential suite, and at least money is one of the only things she doesn’t have to worry about in her life right now. Recognizing her next door neighbor seemed terrible at first, but when it became almost instantaneously clear that he didn’t want to be noticed just as much as she didn’t, the threat level decreased considerably. I was excited that Marc Evan Jackson from “The Good Place” and “Parks and Recreation” was the one playing Jeff, which leads me to believe that he’ll probably be back again at some point. Pretending to be guests of the wedding was a good distraction for Jen and Judy, and it was sweet that, after telling her that she shouldn’t mourn Steve, Jen gave Judy the opportunity she needed to eulogize him during a funeral for someone else.

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