Sunday, June 7, 2020

What I’m Watching: Dead to Me

Dead to Me: Season 2, Episode 5 “The Price You Pay” (B+)

I’m not sure I would have predicted a romance between Jen and Ben, but it looks like that’s where we’re headed. It’s infinitely trippier since, as Karen pointed out as soon as she waltzed in with her bottle of wine, she asked Ben if he had been there a few nights earlier since she saw Steve on the security camera footage. I like that, after Judy once again said much more than she should have, Ben showed up at Jen’s office to ask her questions and ended up spending a lot of the night with her helping to soothe her very bad back. I can’t imagine Judy is going to take the news of their eventual hookup lightly, though she’s off in her own world being seduced by Michelle, who may have to explicitly elaborate beyond a mention of her ex-girlfriend that she’s not just looking for a new friend. Judy freaking out at herself in the bathroom was a disconcerting moment since it shows that she’s prone to losing control, but at least she has a conscience and a sense of when she’s doing something wrong. I’m baffled by Charlie’s stupidity, thinking that the insanely fancy car he found in a secret garage was a gift for him and deciding that, even if that was the case, the smart thing to do was to start driving it immediately rather than ask her about it or wait for her to officially give it to him. He may not have gotten arrested or crashed it, but he’s just created an entirely new headache for his mother, whose financial security isn’t nearly as stable as she had previously indicated with her actions.

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