Monday, June 22, 2020

What I’m Watching: Search Party

Season three of “Search Party” premieres this Thursday on HBO Max. I’ve had the pleasure of watching all ten episodes in advance of their streaming debut – this review contains spoilers for the selected episode.

Search Party: Season 2, Episode 6 “In God We Trust” (B+)

I really did not expect Cassidy to come through, but she really did in a way that was totally her. Not wanting to practice her opening statement because she didn’t want to be put on the spot was a bad sign, and Polly starting with a version of the same story she was going to use made it seem like all hope was lost. But her intense theatrics had some of the “ladies in the room” nodding along with her, and then she took Dory’s note about Portia using a word she’d never be able to define and went with it, scoring tremendous points and obliterating Portia’s credibility. I laughed out loud at Drew’s reaction to Bob calling him Eddie, and I think Cassidy should be memorable enough to defend both of them. I hope we’ll get Chantal up there next since whatever she says is sure to be even less believable than Portia trying to play the role of herself. It wasn’t a surprise at all that Elliott decided to go on Charlie’s show, and she threw him for a loop by immediately bringing up the topic that he had stated was a no-fly zone. He responded in kind, however, with his implication that she had farted, and they seemed to have so much fun screaming insults at each other. It’s good to know that Dory’s stalker is on her side, but knowing that he derived pleasure from putting sharp glass in the mailbox of her YouTube troll is disturbing and certainly won’t help her much if he somehow tries to aid in the case.

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