Saturday, June 13, 2020

What I’m Watching: Hunters

Hunters: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Jewish Question” (B+)

Well, I guess things aren’t as bad as we thought, except of course for the fact that, in the alternate universe of this show, corn syrup is being introduced to the world not as a suitable alternative for sugar but instead as a poison set to rid the world of its lower classes. The Colonel singing the jingle with a smile on her face was haunting, and it’s likely too late for the hunters to do anything about it even if they do believe what Wernher told them. It felt quite easy for them to find him after he had been presumed dead, but with only two episodes left this season, I don’t mind the pace of everything being accelerated. Meeting Simon Wiesenthal, who was played by Judd Hirsch, was interesting, since he was a real person and his work largely inspired this show, though there’s obviously a huge difference in their approach, which Wiesenthal expressed when he met them. The rabbi revealing at Murray’s funeral that he had come to him to request a traditional Jewish funeral was powerful, and having him show up to see Mindy and tell her that she should show mercy on their hostage was also very effective. I’m glad that Millie is finally on board and working with them, and that Biff fleeing the scene of the double murder at his home has put him firmly in their crosshairs. The bad news is that the contact he met is none other than Millie’s chief boss, which means that Millie’s life is probably in more danger than we thought. At least some of the Nazis are killing each other, with Travis unable to stand Tobias and eager to take him out in broad daylight in his car. That game show parody was pretty intense, very over-the-top but also hinting at more serious undertones.

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