Monday, June 15, 2020

What I’m Watching: Homecoming

Homecoming: Season 2, Episode 5 “Meters” (B-)

Things are starting to make a bit more sense, but they’re still not particularly interesting. Jackie was the name that Alex chose for the fake identity she conjured up to talk to Walter, and she did a pretty incredible job of gaslighting him, which is ironic given that she’s likely to be subjected to the exact same thing as him given how we know she ends up. He responded pretty well to her, and just wanted to play more darts and spend time rather than discuss his military experiences. It seems like she made an error in what she said that caused him to doubt the veracity of her claims, and that’s where it all started going downhill. Telling her that he did request the records and was thinking of just driving down to Geist showed Alex that she hadn’t effectively done her job, but instead all we got to end this was a lengthy shot of her honeydew melon rolling around the supermarket. There’s really not a great sense of urgency here for a show with just two episodes left this season. Audrey made more concrete moves, delivering the injunction to Leonard and ensuring that her new subordinates would fall in line. We now know that the photo in Colin’s office wasn’t surveillance but actually belonged to Audrey, who took over his office, though she may not be completely on board with Bunda’s plans for mass distribution and sale. There’s a lot to be accomplished to get us to the point where this season started and beyond to a worthwhile place, and I don’t think that can happen in just two episodes.

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