Sunday, June 21, 2020

What I’m Watching: Search Party

Season three of “Search Party” premieres this Thursday on HBO Max. I’ve had the pleasure of watching all ten episodes in advance of their streaming debut – this review contains spoilers for the selected episode.

Search Party: Season 3, Episode 3 “The Whistleblower” (B+)

The gang got back together again, but that didn’t last too long. I enjoyed that Dory and Drew thought that it couldn’t be Elliott and Portia in the ocean because they had pitch-black hair and that Elliott was insisting that talking in the freezing water was the only way to ensure that none of them were wearing a wire. Their conversation was exactly productive, highlighted by Drew calling everyone a psychopath and Portia getting reamed out for telling Elijah, and it took literally seconds for Elliott and Portia to be arrested after they got out of the car. Elliott managed to resist his bad cop interrogation thanks to his absurd lawyer and his apparent lack of existing fingerprints, but Portia didn’t fare too well when she got too overwhelmed and said quite a bit to the good cop played by Carlos Gómez from “The Baker and the Beauty.” Louie Anderson’s lawyer was more interested in taking a nap and getting Drew to kiss Dory than actually learning too much about the case, and Dory went head-to-head with Cassidy when she tried to confront her about not being able to trust her. Polly’s still gunning for them and taking steps to discredit any evidence that suggests they’re not guilty, and now there’s some unknown person getting Dory’s name tattooed on his fingers eager to sinisterly meet her. Chantal appears to have found the supportive community she needed to come up with her big business idea, but I think she’s already in over her head with her proposal of a “luxurious” shelter.

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