Thursday, June 4, 2020

Take Three: Stargirl

Stargirl: Season 1, Episode 3 “Icicle” (B)

I think we’re finally at a turning point where this show is going to kick into high gear and start becoming legitimately interesting. I think the best point of comparison for the feel of this series is “Stranger Things,” since it’s all about period nostalgia and the kind of small towns where everyone and everything are related somehow. Barbara turning down the opportunity to be part of a committee to plan something she had suggested at work so that she could be home for family dinner was a great instance of that, as is the fact that all the members of the Injustice Society are hiding in plain sight in positions of power. After showing up to take back control of his company and advance his vision of creating a better world that somehow involves many innocent people killed along the way, Icicle didn’t waste any time in setting a trip for Stargirl that Courtney and Pat immediately accepted. That scene on the bridge really did feel like a classic comic book moment, and those little bursts of action are what make this show seem like it could end up being worth watching. I thought that Icicle decided to kill Joey to spur his father into action, but it turns out he just wanted to get rid of the Wizard once and for all, presumably because he thought he was weak and unreliable. Despite Pat’s protests, Courtney isn’t waiting anymore to form her own new generation of the JSA, and I have a feeling that Cameron may well end up being one of her recruits.

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