Thursday, June 25, 2020

What I’m Watching: Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol: Season 2, Episode 3 “Pain Patrol” (B+)

This show is capable of channeling true darkness, and it can be quite disturbing. These characters have endured enough with their painful backstories, and to have to encounter a literal monster who preys on his victims by tapping into what scares them most was almost unbearable. We did get to see the Chief at a different age, as a child in 1888 initially entranced by Red Jack before it became clear who he was and what he was doing. Though he was subjected to nightmarish visions of him becoming like Cliff and then sprouting those butterfly wings, the Chief remained focused enough to ultimately fell Red Jack, giving the team a slight reprieve until the next interdimensional, mind-bending nemesis shows up. Larry being chained up and having his bandages slowly unravel and fall off was an unsettling form of torment, and reliving his scuba-suited introduction to Rita during that was very effective. She truly is the most compassionate and community-minded of the group, not prone to anger or selfishness and happy to spend time teaching Dorothy to make French toast. Cliff meeting his daughter couldn’t have gone any worse, though I guess no one got hurt and the police didn’t try to engage him in a fight. Jane being trapped in a cage in her mind after her personalities staged an intervention is not a good thing, and Cliff is going to have to pay enough attention to her to help get her freed. Vic and Roni seem to be a great fit in many ways, but she’s much less interested in a long-term relationship than he is, which could pose problems since he wants it to turn into something.

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