Sunday, June 7, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Great

The Great: Season 1, Episode 4 “Moscow Mule” (B+)

It was interesting to see how the need for a new religious leader brought out real emotions in Peter, who was obviously haunted by the late figure telling him that he had no soul when he was a child. It was also a great chance for Grigor to demonstrate that he is a true friend for the emperor, even though he spends almost all of this time having his sex with his wife. He knew what Peter needed and how to make the process enjoyable, even if that horrified the easily convinced Archie, who Catherine managed to get nominated for the job after the candidate Orlov picked offended her by refusing to even speak to her since she was a woman. Catherine also had her own issues to resolve in this hour, namely whether Leo was good or bad for her, along with how to get all the other women to like or at least respect her. Going to make peace with her nemesis didn’t go well as she just ended up being mocked further, and Elizabeth was a helpful perspective on how she was able to deal with it. Peter seemed almost impressed when he heard the rumor about her and the horse, but he also nearly ruined for her the one good thing she had going, which was her romance with Leo, when he spent time hanging out with him and corrupting him to the best of his ability. Though things don’t seem like they’ll always be rosy, I did enjoy that Orlov and Marial left time for Catherine to describe what happened during her time with Leo at the start of their conspiratorial meetings.

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