Sunday, June 28, 2020

What I’m Watching: Council of Dads (Penultimate Episode)

Council of Dads: Season 1, Episode 9 “Stormy Weather” (B)

On the day that this episode aired, this show was officially cancelled, which means that the next episode will now serve as the series finale. This was definitely the most intense, dramatic hour yet, and it’s a shame to know that there won’t be much resolution for the characters past the remaining installment. The approaching storm was a real driving force as JJ and Charlotte initially indicated just how prepared they were, a sure sign that things would inevitably go awry. Theo’s attitude wasn’t productive, and the resentment he felt towards his mother only pushed him to more destructive and dangerous behavior. Robin did manage to swoop in and save him, remaining calm the entire time, until that tree went and fell on their car as they were about to leave. What better timing for Anthony to swoop in and save the day, after he somehow flew in from Las Vegas to a distant airport and also managed to get through the police blockade without knowing for sure that anyone was still at the house? That action may well be what saves Robin and Theo’s lives, but he has no idea what he’s in for when they get to Oliver’s and find out that JJ and Charlotte have also read Luly’s article. They were so charmingly helpful as Oliver struggled to help Sage prepare to deliver as she panicked while wrestling with her mortality, and Oliver is definitely one of this show’s most compassionate characters. The most affecting plotline was that of Larry and his daughter Lauren, who was resentful of Luly’s description of him as the dad who shows up and who opened up to Luly about why she couldn’t see him that way.

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