Friday, June 5, 2020

What I’m Watching: Love Life

Love Life: Season 1, Episode 4 “Magnus Lund” (B+)

This episode showed us the kind of relationship that very quickly revealed itself to be something other than it seemed as soon as the successful boyfriend experienced a major life setback. It’s probably closest to what Darby would have experienced with Danny had she not turned him down preemptively, though it sure felt like a whirlwind romance that was moving along at a great pace before everything fell apart. Magnus really was the exemplar of top-notch boyfriend material, similar to Bradley in terms of his lifestyle but a bit more down-to-earth about it. He wowed Darby’s mother and brother when they came to town, though I had a feeling that him paying for the entire meal was going to come back to haunt Darby. Suggesting kids and moving out to the suburbs made it seem like he knew what he wanted, though I would have expected that them moving in together wouldn’t have just meant him joining her preexisting roommates in her room. Darby getting the promotion couldn’t come at a worse time with him getting fired, but he also demonstrated a true lack of any desire to do something to improve his life after that. Ignoring Darby and then disappearing completely were hugely troubling signs, and proposing to her after all that and the credit card debt she saw he had was a crazy move that I certainly hope she’ll reject. I’m intrigued by Jim’s new inheritance, though the conversations it brought up reveal more potential issues in Jim and Sara’s relationship.

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