Saturday, June 6, 2020

What I’m Watching: Upload

Upload: Season 1, Episode 6 “Sleepover” (B+)

I’m continually impressed by this show’s ability to balance comedy with dramatic developments, as well as its humanizing of a character who, up until this point, wasn’t deserving of much sympathy. I’ve always found Allegra to be a great part of the show, detestable as she is, but in this installment, we got to see why she is how she is and that she’s infinitely better than any other member of her family. When they mocked Nevaeh for not knowing how to eat the apparent luxury of real food, Ingrid stepped in to defend her, which was nice to see. I love that her next suggestion was that they do their hair the same way, prompting the hilarious resolution of Ingrid’s hair being made to look like Nevaeh rather than the other way around. We also now know that Ingrid didn’t sabotage Nathan’s car, while his partner is looking guiltier by the minute. Nathan really was lonely in this episode when Nora left to go on her date, and it was sweet to see the two of them bond and enjoy talking when she showed him the office before they fell asleep together looking at the stars. She’s apparently in real trouble, but I suspect there will be more to it than we’ve seen so far. Ivan isn’t great at reading what Nathan needs, though at least he’s not quite as vindictive as Aleesha, who found clever ways to deal with Luke’s frequent torment. The funniest part of the episode was definitely Byron choosing a different size condom than the scanner indicated prompting a loudspeaker announcement.

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