Sunday, June 14, 2020

What I’m Watching: Upload

Upload: Season 1, Episode 7 “Bring Your Dad to Work Day” (B+)

It turns out that, aside from a threat of being demoted from the nonexistent 5.8 rank by a clueless Lucy, there weren’t any immediate consequences for Nora falling asleep at her desk next to an upload. Instead, she went full secret detective to try to figure out who the mysterious employee that deleted Nathan’s memories was, and managed not to get caught even when the system went down because of some malicious interference and the building was evacuated. Jamie dying along with a group of people who thought they were being uploaded is a worrisome development, though it seems like Nathan is at higher risk of being frozen by his bored girlfriend. After one poor support group member discovered that having not checked a box meant that she missed hundreds of messages from her husband, Ingrid took full control of that meeting. I have to give its leader tremendous credit for providing a counterpoint to everything Ingrid said, and the fact that she had a fling with Nathan’s friend might make her more open to Nathan’s eventual conversation with her about his feelings for Nora. Nathan graduated from having to wait in the car to being able to fully impress and win over Dave, Lego head and all, not that he convinced him that it’s worth trading in your soul for a chance to live forever. This comedy offered up a very sentimental ending with that bonding moment between Nora and Dave. In entertaining subplots, I enjoyed the connection between Luke and Mildred, and David Choak’s need to show his wealth by explaining that his steak was rare because the last black rhino had to be killed to effectively imitate the flavor.

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