Wednesday, June 17, 2020

What I’m Watching: Billions (Mid-Season Finale)

Billions: Season 4, Episode 7 “The Limitless Sh*t” (B-)

If nothing else, this unintentional finale comes at a reasonable point in this show’s narrative, with Axe gearing up for war and ready to eviscerate anyone who gets in his way when the back half of this season returns after production can resume. What wasn’t as satisfying was that both of its protagonists apparently forgot about their gripes with each other and instead set their sights on completely different targets. Yes, Chuck did task his entire office with finding dirt to make sure Todd was taken down, but not seeing him gloat about it almost made it seem like it didn’t happen. He was far too preoccupied with secretly testing everyone to see if they’d be a match for his father, which Kate was right to point out wasn’t even close to ethical. I recognized actor Rick Hoffman, who played the questionable Dr. Swerdlow, from another overdone performance of his on “Suits.” On the note of unproven science, Axe encouraging all of his underlings to take pills that he thought were the real-life version of “Limitless” was extremely irresponsible, and fortunately Taylor figured it out in time, potentially, for them to reverse the harm done. Partnering with Mike wasn’t a good idea, and she and Wendy should known that Axe would finally that completely unforgivable. The biggest mistake Axe was made in alienating Wendy, who was already responding shortly to him during their immensely awkward triple date with Wags. She’s the best ally he could possibly have, and the damage done to their relationship because of his jealousy is not going to be able to be repaired. I’ll still watch this show when it returns with new episodes, but I’m just expecting more of the same.

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