Tuesday, June 2, 2020

What I’m Watching: Homecoming

Homecoming: Season 2, Episode 3 “Previously” (B)

Now we’re getting somewhere, though that’s almost entirely because this full flashback episode had absolutely nothing to do with what we’ve seen so far this season. Jackie, who I’ll continue to call Jackie even though we know that her real name is Alex, was a high-powered corporate fixer who was able to appeal to a prospective whistleblower by sharing what we presume was a fake personal experience, and after that, she was only present when she encouraged Audrey to take on a more proactive role in her own career ascension. I did like that we got to see the crucial scene from the season one finale featuring Colin being told by Audrey that he was taking the fall for everything, but with the added knowledge that it was all invented since Audrey had never even spoken to Mr. Geist before she went to him with Colin’s signed confession in hand. Both Colin and Ron fumbled when Leonard confronted them about his complete lack of knowledge about Homecoming, and it’s pretty baffling to learn that they were running something like this independently with no overseeing orders. It makes sense that Colin would feel like he wanted to get revenge on Audrey after this stunt, and since we know how this all turns out, I do hope we’ll see more of Bobby Cannavale in the process. His constant pacing was one of the best elements of season one. The brief shot of Walter at the end was, typically, vague, and hopefully we’ll soon see him cross paths with an equally lost Jackie.

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