Monday, June 22, 2020

What I’m Watching: Search Party

Season three of “Search Party” premieres this Thursday on HBO Max. I’ve had the pleasure of watching all ten episodes in advance of their streaming debut – this review contains spoilers for the selected episode.

Search Party: Season 3, Episode 4 “A National Affair” (B+)

I enjoyed the opening montage of news and gossip shows reporting on this case, describing the “unusually styling perpetrators” and “seemingly charming hipsters” with a “mountain of evidence” against them. None of them seem to be taking it too well, but it’s definitely impacting all of their daily lives, especially when someone recognizes any of them and then has an instant desire to eviscerate them. After Dory panicked about people stealing her shoes, she got spat on and run out of her gym before dropping her purse in front of the paparazzi and freaking out about her keys, which were in her pocket the whole time. Seeing that her angry tattooed stalker is a photographer means that he has been close to her before, and has more access than an everyday person which is worrisome. June coming by to ask about April was freaky as Dory saw both the living twin and the dead one speaking at the same time. Drew taking the video of him killing a duck as a child was a random errand, and threatening to kill its previous owners didn’t make too much sense as they’ll likely report that incident, especially if they’re called as witnesses. The feedback to Chantal as a potential witness for the defense was overwhelmingly negative, and it’s funny to think just how much trouble she’s caused since her disappearance inspired this entire fiasco. Elliott is definitely going to go on that conservative talk show since he can’t resist the spotlight, and it may not even bother Marc that much or disrupt their impending nuptials. Portia is one to latch on to comforting elements, and her newfound immersion in religion is sure to be deep if not too long-lasting. I was wondering if we’d see Julian again since the whole of “God Friended Me” aired since this show went on hiatus, and I’m glad that Brandon Micheal Hall is back even if it’s not clear what his role in all this is going to be given that he’s just lost his phone and been threatened by Mary.

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