Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What I’m Watching: Doom Patrol (Season Premiere)

Doom Patrol: Season 2, Episode 1 “Fun Size Patrol” (B+)

This was one of my favorite shows last year, and I’m thrilled that it’s back tomorrow for a second season more than a year after the first ended, now on both DC Universe and HBO Max. I had the opportunity to watch the first three episodes early, and I appreciated that this expository hour managed to resolve the issue of size while leaving many more problems on the table for the always fractured team to face. The chief’s daughter was certainly introduced in a memorable way, and after this episode, it’s clear that her imaginary friends are dangerous, and the fact that her father dying could make them angry is an extremely worrisome concept. Jane and Cliff were both working through a lot of their rage, which they were eager to take out on the rats, and they don’t seem to be much closer to being in a good place. I recognized Michael J. Harney from “Orange is the New Black” as Cliff’s father, and I suspect that this one 1984 flashback isn’t all we’ll see of him. Rita’s desire to become a superhero is affirming, and I’m glad that she used Victor’s tricks to help her achieve some mastery over her limbs. It’s too bad that he’s now missing in action, even if I’ve previously found him to be the least interesting member of the team. The negative spirit showing Larry a memory of him not being sufficiently approving of his young son was haunting, especially when he then saw his adult son overdose on pills because he was still tormented by his father not being proud enough of him. With all this baggage to contemplate, it’s sure to be a memorable and intense season.

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