Sunday, June 7, 2020

What I’m Watching: Hollywood (Penultimate Episode)

Hollywood: Season 1, Episode 6 “Meg” (B)

This episode started out frighteningly with burning crosses outside the homes of everyone involved, an issue which didn’t recur throughout the episode but instead reasserted itself in a less overtly violent way. I was thinking throughout the episode, particularly towards the end, that everything seemed to be working out all too well, with everyone getting what they want and the movie set to be a big success even if it wasn’t going to play everywhere. Even Ace came out of his coma with a more positive perspective toward his wife, and he was genuinely moved when he saw the cut of the movie, and Henry’s aggressive editing wasn’t all that bad since I had a good idea for how to help the final scene make more sense. But Ace’s inability to communicate his change of heart to his lawyers had tragic consequences, resulting in all of the film being burned by Lon Silver to ensure that it could never be shown. That was such a heartbreaking result, one that can’t be undone because the film is just gone now, and it will have the most devastating effect on Archie, who just bought an apartment to live in with Rock. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen now since they all put so much into it, and even Ernie got to be a part of the fun after donating $25,000 of money he raised so that the boys wouldn’t have to work at the gas station. If anyone doubted that, aside from star David Corenswet, Joe Mantello, who plays Dick, is the MVP of this show, this episode and his coming out to Ace should cement that.

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