Thursday, June 11, 2020

What I’m Watching: Love Life

Love Life: Season 1, Episode 8 “Sara Yang” (B+)

I knew from this episode’s title that it would feature Sara, but I definitely expected Jim to make an appearance. Knowing that this is an anthology series meant to feature a different character each season makes me wonder how much resolution we’ll get for Sara, both with Darby and with Jim, since they’re both quite angry with her at the moment after previously feeling very close to her. I enjoyed the opening measure of success, comparing Darby being able to take taxis to JFK instead of the AirTrain to Sara not having been to the dentist in seven years. This episode was even less about Darby than the previous installment, with her there mainly to try to keep Sara from going off the deep end. Sneaking off to do coke and dancing by herself while the music played didn’t seem overly problematic, but when she got in the car and went for a drive reminiscent of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” it was lucky that all she did was run over some furniture and earn the contempt of her friend. Stealing cash from a stripper’s purse was an entirely different level, and she seemed amenable to Darby’s generous offer of helping her into rehab until she sobered up the next morning. Mallory wasn’t ready to sacrifice her bachelorette party to Sara’s drama, but I was caught off-guard by Darby’s episode-ending decision to be done with her when she couldn’t even remember anything about their conversation. I hope some reconciliation comes in the final two episodes.

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