Friday, June 12, 2020

What I’m Watching: Council of Dads

Council of Dads: Season 1, Episode 7 “The Best Laid Plans” (B)

There was no reason that Anthony’s secret about being Luly’s father ever had to come out, but after being with her and seeing how upset she got with him for lying, his behavior changed and he couldn’t hide the fact that he wasn’t being honest with her. Flying to Las Vegas for a week and accepting a job under the guise that it couldn’t wait was far from a subtle move, and I’m glad that we saw Margot, who I had assumed just disappeared after they broke up, called his bluff when she asked his new employer, who immediately confirmed that there was no urgency to the job. I wasn’t sure how Oliver was going to piece things together when he saw that something was up, but knowing that Luly’s blood type didn’t match Scott’s helped him to make sense of it. Telling Robin was his own decision, and I’m sure that, being such an honest person, she’s going to feel the need to tell Luly, even if it means that her connection with her adoptive family is weakened as a result (though only Anthony lied). Evan siding with his mother over Luly was an uncomfortable thing, and it’s great that Larry swooped in not only to help him resolve that issue but also to invest in his home. This was another good episode for Luly, and actress Michele Weaver is one of the strongest parts of this show. It was good to see Sam again, and it looks like he may he and Robin may just work out after all.

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