Tuesday, June 9, 2020

What I’m Watching: I Know This Much Is True (Penultimate Episode)

I Know This Much Is True: Season 1, Episode 5 (C+)

I wasn’t expecting to start this episode and hear people speaking Italian at the turn of the century, but I suppose there was a reason that Dominick had his grandfather’s writings translated for a reason. It’s easy to see where Dominick gets some of his antisocial and chauvinistic tendencies given how his grandfather treated the women in his life, which was just part of the disturbing behavior we saw from the man who tried to teach his brother a lesson that then ended up costing him his life. It is interesting, I suppose, that Dominick feels such a responsibility for his brother given the guilt that his grandfather felt, not that he did much to make up for it after with his desire to only have his wife bear him a son. Returning to the present was a bit jarring after that lengthy disturbing flashback, and we saw Dominick refusing to talk about himself when Dr. Patel tried to get to the root of his own issues. Ralph calling him to tell him to get Thomas to a doctor right away so that he could tested for HIV was unnerving, and Lisa seemed particularly startled by what she saw a completely random request. Getting Leo to pose as a lawyer to blackmail Dr. Hume into releasing Thomas was crafty, but Lisa was quite adamant with him that she believed that he really needed to be in a facility, something that Dominick certainly won’t take into account now that he finally has care of his brother again.

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