Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Take Three: Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer: Season 1, Episode 3 “Access Is Power” (B-)

I’m still not finding this mystery narrative to be overly compelling, and I’d much prefer to see the history of what happened to Wilford and what was involved in the construction of the train. Bennett suggested to Melanie that they should uncouple the tail car and bring its residents forward to third class, so apparently that’s a possibility which they’re well aware could be feasible but Melanie is convinced that isn’t a good option because of the unrest it would create. Staging a fight night to distract from reports of tension worked to a degree, and there was certainly an incredible class separation on display, with first-class spectators watching the games from above as they devolved into an all-out brawl. Andre is doing a decent job of naming terms for his help, and keeping an eye on Miles will help remind him of what matters most to him as he gets closer to the killer, who revealed himself when he killed yet another person in the slasher-like final scene. Though she’s still not overly pleasant or social, Bess is becoming a more dynamic character as her romantic relationship with Jinju coming into focus. Roche is also softening a bit, still not eager to share much with Andre but opening up to him about his family and his history before all this. We do now know that Wilford was real at one point, and Melanie should definitely watch out for Commander Grey’s impressive memory and ability to recognize quotes that aren’t original thoughts from the no longer living leader.

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