Thursday, June 11, 2020

What I’m Watching: Stargirl

Stargirl: Season 1, Episode 4 “Wildcat” (B-)

It’s surprising to me that this show isn’t one that dropped all of its episodes at once since it feels like the kind of story that most people would want to watch in marathon format since each episode gets us slightly closer to completing the origin story of this character and her new team. Presumably, what comes next will be more exciting, and therefore spending so much time on development isn’t as necessary. I do like that we got to know a character we’ve seen frequently and to understand why she’s taunted so frequently and what keeps her going. Cindy really is terrible to Yolanda, and seems set on making her life miserable just because she can. Now that the two of them are teaming up in masks and costumes, they probably shouldn’t spend quite as much time together hanging out at school, not that Yolanda has ever been too fond of that anyway. Yolanda wasn’t thrilled about putting on the smelly oversized costume, but when it bonded to her body and gave her cool abilities, she got much more into it. I like that Courtney had to check Wikipedia to find out what Wildcat could do, and, despite a few hiccups, their first mission went okay. Beth definitely noticed and heard them scaling the side of the building, and so they’re going to have to bring her into the fold soon if they want to keep what they’re doing secret. Pat’s too distracted following his instincts to notice what Courtney is doing, and I have a feeling he won’t find out until this team is already suited up and ready for battle against the many enemies hiding in plain sight.

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