Thursday, June 11, 2020

What I’m Watching: Love Life

Love Life: Season 1, Episode 7 “Claudia Hoffman” (B+)

I’m glad to see that this show isn’t interested only in Darby’s romantic connections, with this episode probing a different kind of love that’s just as important in many ways to the person that she is. We had seen her mother, Claudia, a few times throughout the course of this show, and now she got to come into fuller view, particularly her perception of the notion of marriage and what it means for a person. I’m a big fan of actress Hope Davis, who I first remember from “American Splendor” and who then earned a surprising and completely deserved Emmy nomination for her work in the second season of “In Treatment.” She doesn’t have a very warm presence on this show, demonstrating much more kinship with Sara than with her own daughter, and we got to see Darby finally express some of what she feels towards her mother when she started crying during their mattress-shopping trip for her younger brother. Claudia’s comments about how much of a disappointment Magnus turned out to be and how she shouldn’t be hung up on two lost years with him were matched by a desire to invest in her own love life, which hit her daughter as perhaps a bit overeager and unrealistic. Identifying the trains by their color and getting lost weren’t great, but this was an important bonding opportunity for the two of them. Sara didn’t choose a superb time to approach Jim about their relationship, and fortunately we’ll be able to see more of what happens with them in the next episode.

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