Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Round Two: Killing It

Killing It: Season 1, Episode 2 “Kickoff” (B)

Craig is just diving right into it, ready to learn what he needs to do about snake killing and figure out the rest along the way. It turns out that the most helpful lesson he could have taken before getting into it was to use a nail gun away from your own hand. His efforts to hide that rather horrific injury from the EMTs who arrived with an ambulance ready to collect his information were not great, and Jillian spinning an incoherent story about how they were all related only made things more confusing. Silas dying in Camille’s driveway likely led to Craig getting billed for medical attention anyway, unless they somehow attributed it to a different call that got them there and incidentally involved stitching someone else’s hand up. Jillian did spring into action to make sure that Silas got the burial that he wanted, and though her taking the bottle out of his pocket didn’t work out, she did manage to run away long enough to triumphantly peel off the label with his name and eat the paper before she got tackled and arrested. I liked that Camille was sympathetic to Craig’s situation, even if she compared it to a dog who eats chocolate, and Craig’s taunting of her new partner continues to be very childish and entertaining. That seems to be a specialty of his, since he also quickly fired off a comment that his rival Brock might soon go from an MTI to a UTI, something that this competitor understood to be the insult it was meant to be.

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