Saturday, April 23, 2022

What I’m Watching: Mr. Mayor

Mr. Mayor: Season 2, Episode 6 “Venus on the Moon” (B+)

I liked that we got to see more of Orly in this episode in a context that didn’t allow her to be smarter than her dad but instead to realize that, as a result of his coddling and donating things so that she can have opportunities, she’s never actually developed any skills of her own. Aside from her unfortunate introduction alongside those who had accomplished a great deal, her inability to make a pot of coffee was particularly cringe-worthy, not helped by the fact that her first suggestion was to decide whose SUV to take to pick up people’s orders. I love the casting of Anna Camp as Natalie and that she starred in some truly awful questionably erotic movies that Jayden was able to skip through to let Orly and Neil let off some steam at her so that they could go out to get ice cream and bond as father and daughter. While Tommy was busy congratulating Orly on doing a great job when she was in fact terrible, he also got into Mikaela’s head, forcing her to work fast and cancel her dentist appointment to prove she had a life, only to fall asleep in the parking lot before her tooth fell out the next day. Getting a half-hour break on Sundays hardly feels legal or recommended in any capacity, but she seems like one of the more well-adjusted characters on this show, so she’ll likely survive. Arpi did use the kids to her advantage to move forward a bill close to her heart, and they joined in to help her cause until they realized how slowly the machine works and accused her of being part of it. I’m eager to see what watching a campaign ad of her younger self will energize her to do.

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