Saturday, April 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: Winning Time

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty: Season 1, Episode 6 “Memento Mori” (B+)

It was good to see Paul and Pat talking to each other as idea men who work hard but are underappreciated given that they work in the shadow of others, and Paul got a chance to be in the limelight right away, one that he wasn’t thrilled to take. Jerry calling him Pete and aggressively telling him to coach may not have been the best motivation, and, when he finally woke up, Jack was not particularly in a position to help him figure out if he did the right or wrong thing. The way he closed the press conference was certainly memorable, even if it had everyone wondering what the hell was going on. Magic’s pursuit of fame isn’t reflecting all that well on him, particularly when he had Cindy’s father be the one to break up with her for him. I should note the positive presence of those two actors, Rachel Hilson from “This Is Us” as Cindy and Steve Harris from “The Practice” as Thomas. I was also excited to recognize Eric Petersen, who plays the title character in “Kevin Can F**k Himself,” as Stan. Jerry’s negotiations continue to be wild and ill-advised, and he’s now realizing how having his mother as his accountant may not have been the best choice. Jeanie was very upset when she saw that Jessie was not doing well, and though it wasn’t the most paternal moment, Jerry’s matter-of-fact words to get her to focus may have provided some small degree of comfort. While I do like this show, its recent renewal for a second season tells me it’s going to go on for a lot longer, whereas I had thought it was a contained limited series I could watch and then finish. For now, I think I’m done with this show, though I’m open to picking it back up again in the future if there’s less on taking up a lot of my time.

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