Sunday, April 24, 2022

What I’m Watching: Home Economics

Home Economics: Season 2, Episode 20 “Mango THC Gummies, $18” (B+)

I enjoyed the series of instances in which Tom rushed quickly to pick up his phone when he thought his agent was calling and failed to catch a mug or something else as he did it. Answering Denise’s phone without realizing that it wasn’t his was also quite entertaining. Marina trying to keep herself sane from his constant yammering led to her taking both the gummies she brought for her and the ones she brought for him, and it was the perfect unfortunate opportunity for her to run into her boss Robert Richard. His enthusiasm and expressiveness is really impossible to notice, and his description of how he was being so emotional and they would have obviously been able to tell was a humorous ending to that plotline. Sarah’s big show did become a bit of a disaster, but Denise was able to help salvage it and it ultimately came together after a long and mildly disturbing scene featuring Julia Child’s bottom half running around silently on stage. What I liked most was the introduction of June Diane Raphael, a terrific actress from “Grace and Frankie,” as Vice Principal Lauren, who was able to provide some refuge for Connor from the woman trying too hard to set him up and was making out with him by the end of the show. I like her in this role and would love to see how this potentially unadvisable romance works out, and particularly how she interacts with the rest of the Hayworth family.

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