Monday, April 11, 2022

Round Two: Moon Knight

Moon Knight: Season 1, Episode 2 “Summon the Suit” (B+)

This second episode offered a bit more clarity in the form of explicit confirmations of what’s going on, but that still does leave plenty of questions. Steven’s life as he knows it is over, though he was still worried about having to give back his nametag when he got fired and found out that a lot of what he’s seeing isn’t visible to others around him. He knew enough about Khonshu to understand what Marc was saying to him but still wasn’t ready to accept it, and he found himself even more confused when he met Layla, played by May Calamawy from “Ramy,” and she kept telling him to stop with the accent, which he insisted was just how he talked. Marc warned Steven that she was going to get killed if he told her, but then she ended up getting involved anyway when she tailed the cops back to Harrow’s urban utopia. Harrow knowing what Khonshu was saying indicated a level of understanding that seemed to stun Steven, but he snapped back quickly to the ruthless cult leader we saw in the first episode when what he needed wasn’t being given to him. I was trying to figure out who the voice was behind Khonshu and it makes complete sense that it’s F. Murray Abraham, an Emmy nominee for his recurring role on “Homeland” who infuses plenty of intensity and humor into what sounds a whole lot like voiceover. I don’t find the scenes of invisible combat all that compelling, but the idea that Steven feels trapped in the mirror watching Marc’s life is far more interesting and worthwhile, especially now that he’s traveling to the geographical root of all this in Egypt.

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