Tuesday, April 12, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 8, Episode 10 “Reckless” (B)

While Iris was front and center at the start and end of this episode, the meat of the hour was much more about Frost and Carla. From what I remember of seeing Carla in the past, I thought of her as a villain, someone who might not have necessarily been evil but who definitely had her own interests at heart, regardless of who might get hurt along the way. Offering Chester a job in front of the team was a move that only reinforced that idea. But rather than betray Frost when given the chance, she was nothing but loving to her, giving Frost something that she’s desperately needed since she has typically not been seen as sympathetic and hasn’t had others consider her feelings. Softening her as a character isn’t a bad thing, and it’s likely just going to help strengthen the team. It looks like Caitlin may be the next to need to face the dark flames, and I was excited to hear Ronnie’s voice emanating from them, especially since actor Robbie Amell told me on the red carpet for season two of “Upload” that he was coming back to the show for an arc. Sue was able to quickly resolve the major obstacle in the way of Tinya finding her mom by calling in a favor from a board member, and while they did manage to track her down, things weren’t going well thanks to that unsettling moment with the nurse returning from her coffee break and then Iris seemingly making Renee disappear. It’s hard to tell what’s going on, but Iris’ situation only seems to be getting more uncontrollable.

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