Sunday, April 17, 2022

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 6, Episode 12 “Katoby” (B+)

This episode really was a great way to sum up Kate and Toby’s relationship and to introduce how Phillip entered the picture without really focusing on that, since that is a second marriage and one that looked very different for who and where Kate was. It’s certainly been unpleasant to see Kate and Toby drift apart and develop a deep resentment towards each other for the way that they parent and are present, but that’s the beauty of this show, since we can have near-instant reconciliation, even if it actually comes a few years later. Toby calling Kate on her wedding day seemed like a red flag for behavior that is not recommended or acceptable, but instead it was exactly what she needed, to feel like Toby could be happy for her and that their story could continue in a way that he had insisted he would never be able to see. Though I’ll always associate actor Chris Geere with his self-serving and duplicitous character on “You’re the Worst,” he seems to be the polar opposite here, intent on making Kate happy and connecting in a lovely way with her kids, and even winning Toby over despite an awkward initial effort to pretend that he knew anything about sports. My favorite part was seeing adult Jack and Lucy at the end of the episode, with Jack expressing joy that both his parents were there and cementing the fact that he does have a positive relationship with his family in the future. We also got to see Kevin go talk to Sophie, suggesting there’s one last chance at the rekindling of another romance in this show’s final six episodes.

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