Friday, April 22, 2022

What I’m Watching: Swimming with Sharks

Swimming with Sharks: Season 1, Episode 4 “Chapter Four” (B+)

This show seems intent on one-upping itself each episode in terms of its sexual content, and this one felt like a fever dream with Lou very eager to fulfill a fantasy Joyce hadn’t ever really expressed. Whispering in her ear so that they could start making out and entice the man who they had sitting far away watching them was a predictable step, one that allows Lou to share something more with Joyce than just having looked at something or shown her something. As soon as real life restarted, Joyce was quick to try to make sure that Lou knew the limits of their relationship at work, and Lou responded in kind, pretending to forget it all while that surely won’t be the case. Even if her endgame isn’t to help Joyce, she did manage to score a major win when she recorded Redmond’s very dinosaur-like demand not to have an interracial couple at the center of his new project. The way she spoke to Travis was definitely meant to drive him insane, correctly pointing out that, if she had actually been responsible for Alex’s relapse and death, she could have targeted him instead, yet he still stood there in front of her. Mixing up his medication with her dog’s was an unforgivable offense, and he’s likely to go after her with all he’s got now that he’s out of a job and free to follow up with all the references she gave who definitely don’t know anything about her.

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