Wednesday, April 20, 2022

What I’m Watching: WeCrashed (Penultimate Episode)

WeCrashed: Season 1, Episode 7 “The Power of Me” (B+)

Opening with Scott Galloway’s Professor G explaining what going public means was both playful and helpful, since it showed that there’s a very traditional way of doing this that naturally Adam and Rebekah were not going to want to do. Adam wasn’t ready to accept the initial $46 billion Jamie offered, and he got the value negotiated up $17 billion with relative ease. But his note that they were handle the S-1 on their own was met with skepticism from everyone. Rebekah was already feeling disconnected from the company, and giving absurd feedback about shoelaces and the pitch of a teacher’s voice, set on educating people from birth to death. Like Adam, she’s never willing to take a simple victory like getting on a podcast and instead has to look at it in the context of a greater failure, which in this case was not being high-profile enough to be invited on CNBC. Their rewriting of the S-1 was extravagant and indicative of their need to define everything on their own terms, and while Bruce was upset to learn about it, his reaction is going to be calm compared to others, like Cameron, who already got compared by Adam to a mouthpiece to his emperor. This mentality is spreading to other employees, like Chloe, who spent $23,000 on a purse, and Mikey, who invited his friends on a helicopter ride and distinctly remembers that, despite what she insists, Rebekah hasn’t been there since the beginning in the way he was. Miguel paid an obscene fortune for a piece of art that was at least less than $48 million, and now he’s seeing, like Mikey, that he’s not valued nearly as much as Rebekah, even though her contributions to the company haven’t been nearly the same as the work he put in.

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